TVRG will be at the Newbury and the McMichael Rallies this summer

The Thames Valley Repeater Group is pleased to announce that it will be attending both the Newbury Radio Rally on the 23rd June and the McMichael Radio Rally (Reading) on Sunday July 14th 2024.

Please come along to our table (Newbury) and our Stand (McMichael) and see what we have to offer.

For more details see Newbury Radio Rally and McMichael Rally websites.

TVRG now selling Ascom SE550 microphones!

One of our members, Chris, G0JTN, has been selling replacement microphones for the Ascom SE550 transceivers. There are a number of them in use, mainly on the 70MHz band, and given their age of about 35 years, the microphones and microphone leads are now showing signs of age and deterioration. Chris has been providing refurbished/new microphones fitted with new leads and also has arranged for the unique Ascom plug to be 3D printed. Chris has kindly offered these products to be sold under the TVRG umbrella, with proceeds going to TVRG funds. See under the “For Sale” section.

Key KM3000 2m VHF radios for Sale NOW ALL SOLD AND WE’RE SELLING THE KM4000 for still only £20!

Where else can you buy a professional class transceiver (this is no cheap Chinese radio) for this price. It has 15W output power and is ready programmed with all the U.K. analogue VHF FM repeaters on the 2m band. Complete with microphone and mounting bracket. Amazing value for only £20 plus postage and packing. More details under the For Sale section of this website or contact