New Updated Frequencies for KM3000/4000 radios

One of the main selling points of the KM3000 and KM4000 radios that we are offering is that they are programmed for all the 2m FM analogue repeaters in the U.K. and Northern Ireland. These change from time to time, particularly now that obtaining permission to operate one has become easier. All radios that we sell after the 1st May 2024 will be programmed with information taken from the ETCC website in April 2024.

These details such as repeater callsign, frequencies, CTCSS tones and location can be found on the OP NOTE 5.

If you have a KM3000/4000 radio that was not bought directly from the TVRG, these may have an old frequency plan or may have been reprogrammed by the owner. The older TVRG plans are shown as OP2 and OP3 on the KM downloads page.

We cannot update the channels every time a new repeater appears and anticipate the next update will be in approximately 6 months time. Don’t forget that if you want to programme the radios yourself, the software is freely available on this website. You will need a programming lead, we can sell you one for £10 (+£2.50 carriage) or you can build your own. Details are available in the KM downloads section of this website.