New Website – Spring 2024

The first Thames Valley Repeater Group (TVRG) website appeared in 2001 and was edited by Paul, G4HLF. Subsequently Paul left the Group and the website was taken over by Steve, G4YFB and then by Mick, G4EFO. Sadly, the latter two have passed away and I (Chris, G4CCC) have taken over running the website. I am starting from scratch as the previous version was written using Dreamweaver, which is a complicated programme. This one uses WordPress and I have had great assistance from Colin, M0XCA for which I am very grateful.

As you are reading this the new Website has gone “live” but please bear in mind that it is very much a “work in progress” and there will be corrections and additions ongoing.

  • TVRG will be at the Newbury and the McMichael Rallies this summer

  • NEW 2024 Frequency plan for KM radios

  • Now selling KM4000 radios – KM3000s all sold!