newbury uhf
amateur repeater

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Technical !

Channel RB10
Transmit Frequency 433.250 MHz
Receive Frequency 434.850 MHz
Antenna 4-dipole stack (J-beam) with 5.5dBD gain, 12m AGL
ERP 14dBW (25W)
Access Method CTCSS 71.9Hz (B) or 1750Hz Toneburst
Basestation Key Radio Systems KF450 and associated power supply
Logic G3OUV logic system
Configuration Single aerial working using Procom DPF 70/6-150-1.6/3 duplexer
Coverage Click here to view predicted coverage (60k). Plots provided by the ETCC

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GB3AW has a large coverage but is currently underused. Coverage extends down the A34 towards Winchester and includes Andover, Newbury, Hungerford and the A4/M4 corridor between Newbury and Reading and as far east as Wokingham and Camberley. If you have any comments or reports regarding the coverage, please let us know by using Coverage Reports.

Repeater Keeper

The repeater keeper for GB3AW is Andrew Barrett (G8DOR)
If you wish to contact the keeper please e-mail Any other queries about the Thames Valley Repeater Group should be e-mailed to the relevant member who's details can be found on the contacts page