GB3RU now on the air!

GB7RU update

GB7BK now on the air!



GB3RU, the Reading UHF repeater, was activated on Saturday 25th April 2015. This will greatly improves the coverage in Reading town centre on a hand-held, missing since GB3BK went off some years ago.


The TVRG has had a proposal for a DMR Repeater (GB7RU) in the system since January this year. Originally we asked for a specific channel and in late March we were told this had been turned down by the MOD. We then re-submitted the request but with a selection of channels, basically we would accept whatever was suitable. However, we were informed last week that there are not any suitable channels in the DMR repeater band that can be used from our Tilehurst site. We believe that is because of the proximity of our site to local MOD installations, some of which use similar frequencies.

Some people have asked why was GB3RU (the analogue repeater) licensed. This uses frequencies in a different part of the band.

The GB7RU failure is disappointing because we were looking forward to extending the DMR-MARC network to the Reading and surrounding area. We have not given up on the idea and will be looking at alternative sites.

TVRG are pleased to announce that their first DMR repeater, GB7BK is now on the air!

Chris, G4CCC – on behalf of the Thames Valley Repeater Group.