History... Switch-on +22hrs

The update below was posted shortly after UJ went live......


"For those of you into APRS....

The TVRG APRS Digipeater on 144.800MHz (MB7UJ) was switched on at 11:30hrs on Saturday 13th July 2002. It is located on the old GB3BN UHF repeater site at Jealotts Hill, north of Bracknell, in Berkshire. Equipment consists of a KEY mobile transceiver/mains PSU combo, KANTRONICS KPC-3 Plus TNC and a custom built dual temperature sensor unit.
The aerial is a DIAMOND F23 2m colinear (3 x 5/8 wave, 7.8dB Gain, 4.6m long).

Telemetry beacons are transmitted every 30minutes. These carry the temperature
sensor values with the format:


nnn is a decimal count and is incremented each time a beacon is sent. After
999 it rolls back to 000.

an0 gives the temperature on the roof outside the building that houses the
digipeater (sheltered from direct sunlight) and an1 gives the temperature of the KEY
transceiver PA heatsink. These are decimal, 0-255 & approx 1 degree C per step.
Subtract 126 from the number to get the temperature in degrees C. A typical beacon (from
this morning) looks like this :

09:34:51R MB7UJ>BEACON,TRACE7-7 <UI Len=35>:

at 22hrs after switch-on this shows outside air temperature at +20C and the
PA heatsink at +45C.

Coverage initially looks pretty good - signal reports very much

Denis G4KWT"