The Costs

Running a repeater can be an expensive pastime and after all this is only a hobby !

Annual costs involve site rental, electricity, insurance to name a few. Site rental in particular is becoming more of a problem as the majority of radio site operators are only too familiar with the term "Commercial rates".

The approximate cost of running our 6 existing repeaters is in the region of 900 per annum, in addition to this there are the additional costs of maintenance, site moves and enhancements.

Taking GB3BN as an example the cost of moving this repeater to its new location was in the region of 800 alone, an expensive hobby.....



What you can do ?

Well the answer to this is quite simple, if you use the repeaters then please consider making a donation to the Donations ?group. Any donation would be very much appreciated but remember it takes a lot of 5 notes to cover the annual running costs. What is not met by donations has to be covered by the dedicated few !

To make a contribution, please donate using PayPal or using BACS. For details regarding BACS please email who will provide details.

Donate through PayPal, its easy, quick and secure!
Please donate to TVRG by using PayPal to send money to This is a 'Friends and Family' account and PayPal will not take a fee and all of your donation will go to TVRG. Thank you! (The link will open in a new tab for your added security)


Your support is appreciated, Thank you.