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In the summer of 2000 various meetings were held to discuss the future of GB3BN (Bracknell UHF). A small group got together and the NOV for GB3BN was transferred to Paul (G4HLF). BN was in need of new hardware as the existing equipment had become unserviceable and more importantly a new site was required.

Fortunately a new site was soon found but it became apparent at an early stage that additional assistance would be required. Various people were approached but it was the Berkshire Downs Repeater Group that finally stepped in and offered to assist.

In September 2000 the Berkshire Downs Repeater Group and a number of individuals who had taken over the interests of GB3BN merged together and the "Thames Valley Repeater Group" was formed.

TVRG is now responsible for the operation of 6 amateur radio repeaters in the Thames Valley area, GB3AW (Newbury UHF), GB3BN (Bracknell UHF), GB3RD (Reading VHF), MB7UJ (Bracknell APRS), GB3RU (Reading UHF) and GB7BK (Berkshire DMR).

The group fully supports RAYNET activities and as such makes all its repeaters available for their use when required.

A big thank you...

Thanks goes to all those who have put time, effort and money into the Thames Valley Repeater Group.

Special thanks goes to the Emerging Technologies Co-Ordination Committee, formally Repeater Management Group . Without their help and advise and prompt responses life would be an awful lot harder !

The People

To minimise bureaucracy TVRG remains a small group.

Andrew Barrett G8DOR
Chris Young G4CCC
Ian Livesey G8NXJ
Steve Coleman G4YFB
Andy Dickson G8DJF
Tony Cox G8TEE - Echolink

Meetings are held as and when required and the group is funded by donations and junk sales.

People wishing to become involved in the group are encouraged and welcome to do so. The best way to do this is to subscribe to the TVRG Yahoo egroup. Simply click the Yahoo groups icon on the left and follow the instructions to join the group.

Contact information ?

If you require any further information about this website or the Thames Valley Repeater Group, who it is, what it does or how you can become involved then please visit the list of contacts

The Repeaters

All the information on the repeaters, techy stuff, history, pictures, coverage maps etc. is here.

Donations 's

Money, money, money ! Always welcome and always required. Please contribute towards the costs of running these repeaters if you are a user by visiting the donations page or clicking here.

Before you leave !

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome so please take the time to visit the guestbook where you can add your comments for all to see.