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Operating and technical notes

Operating instructions for KM radios OP1_KM3000 4000 Operating instructions
Channel list 2023 OP2_KM3000 4000 Channels 2023
Channel list 2022 OP3_KM3000 4000 Channels 2022
How to adjust power on all three radio types, green and yellow PCB including KM4000

Note 1_KM3000 4000 Power adjustment

How to identify the radio type and make a suitable programming lead with reference to notes 3 and 4
Note 2_KM3000 4000 programming notes
How to make a Molex programming lead for programming radios with Molex connector Note 3_KM3000 4000 Molex type programming lead
Using a CAT 5 RJ45 to 9 way D connector for programming radios with RJ45 Note 4_KM3000 4000 RJ45 type programming connector
Time-out modification for KM3000 green and yellow PCB's Note 5_KM3000 Yellow and green time-out modification
How to set the squelch level for normal operation Note 6_KM3000 squelch setting yellow PCB
How to modifiy green KM3000 Molex for packet radio use Note 7_KM3000 green Molex packet modification
Yellow KM3000 only - how to modify for open squelch packet operation Note 8_KM3000 yellow modify for open squelch packet operation
How to adjust the deviation - all radio types Note 9_KM3000 4000 Setting the Deviation
Molex power plug manufacturers data sheets and TVRG plug sales Note 10_KM3000 4000 Molex two pole power plug
Microphone 8 way socket pin out details Note 11_KM3000 4000 Microphone wiring and 8 pin socket
Explanation of "open squelch" for packet use yellow radios only Note 12_KM3000 open squelch for Packet or normal version


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